Selling Your Home


First and foremost, we appreciate the opportunity to consult you on the sale of your home. Below, you will find a list of the services that are typically included when we list a home for sale. Keep in mind that every home is different. Your home may require more or less than is listed here. If you feel there is something missing, ask us about it!


Goering Group Sellers Get Great Listing Photography 

Selling Your Home | Marketing Plan

The first step is the consultation. During this consultation, we will address your home's specific needs and come up with reasonable terms to a listing agreement (price, listing period, etc.). We're just making sure we're on the same page, and that we understand your wants and needs. 

  • Staging

We will assist you with preparing your home for sale, and make sure that it appeals to the correct buyers, both in photographs and in person. Sometimes it is necessary to bring in a third party to complete this task. We will determine this during the consultation.

  • Pricing

At the forefront of any strong marketing plan is an effective pricing strategy. We will assist you with pricing your home based on comparable properties in the area, and pricing strategies that bring the most buyers to the table.

  • BHGRE Kansas City Homes Marketing

We will inform all local BHGRE offices of your listing, and feature it on ourwebsite, along with our regional company's corporate website. We will alsopresent your home during our digital tour, which takes place during our weeklyoffice meeting.

  • Video

We will make a professional quality video walkthrough of your home.

  • iBox Lock Box

We will place an electronic lock box near your door to ease showings and provide you with the security of knowing who has shown your home.

  • MLS

We will enter your home into the Heartland Multiple Listing Service, giving your home exposure to over 8,000 Realtors in the KC area.

  • Contact Proven Realtors

We will directly contact Realtors who work in your area and price range.

  • Internet and Social Media

We will market your home on Zillow, Trulia,, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. We will provide you with statistics on the views of your home when available on each of these sites. We will pay for "Sponsored Content," pushing your home out to the people that are most likely to have an interest in your property.

  • Neighbors

Don't underestimate the power of marketing to your neighbors! We will mail a color postcard of your home to the 25 neighbors closest to you.

  • Counter Display

We will prepare an information display containing most things a buyer will want to know. This information will give buyers the confidence to write a contract. Included will be all mandatory disclosures, a brochure, and a list of any improvements you’ve made to the property during your time there.

  • Feedback

We will ask each open house guest (if applicable) and Realtor who passesthrough your home what they think about our listing. We will provide you withtheir feedback.

  • Open House

If practical, we will hold your house open to generate awareness and possibly a sale. Three days before the open house, we will advertise the open house across social media, public real estate sites (i.e., Zillow), and the MLS.

  • Buyer Qualification

We will call any potential buyer’s lender to further assess the qualifications of the buyer and identify any potential snags. We will provide a log of this conversation to you for your consideration when the offer is presented. 

  • Transaction Management

We will manage the details of your transaction to ensure that your contract closes on time.

  • Prompt Communication

We will make sure you are updated in a reasonable time on all things relatingto the sale of your home.

  • Appraiser Packet

In some transactions, appraisers may not be privy to the circumstances surrounding your sale. We put together a packet of information giving the appraiser the “skinny” on our market positioning and any other information that the appraiser may find to be helpful.

NOTE: If you currently own a home, there may be additional steps along the way.


Selling Your Home | Commission

So what do these services cost?

Our fee is 6%.  Half of that 6% (3%) is given to the buyers' broker at closing. This is how we provide incentive to other agents to show your house. In addition to that 6%, you pay a $265 transaction fee to our brokerage. We do not receive any of this. This fee is paid out of proceeds at closing, and is only due if and when the home sells. The $265 helps pay our office staff. 

If we don't get your house sold, we don't get paid. No commission, no reimbursement for expenses, no transaction fee, not even a coffee... Nothing. If we don't get the job done, we don't deserve to get paid. We think that's pretty fair.


Selling Your Home | Digital Marketing

Since, for most buyers, the home search starts online, many of our resources will be focused on online marketing. 91% of all homebuyers begin their search online. Think about this: 1000 online views typically result in 1 physical showing. It usually takes 10 physical showings to result in an offer to purchase. Therefore, in theory, 10,000 online views should result in an offer. There are three different ways we direct the tech savvy customer to your property: 3rd party sites (i.e. Zillow), Search Engine Optimization, and Social Media Optimization. 

We take monitoring your online traffic seriously, as online success will often be a factor in the successful sale of your home. 


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